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A wave of interest in such small dwellings — some to serve, like the Shepherds’ home, as temporary housing, others to become space-saving dwellings of a more permanent nature — has prompted designers and manufacturers to offer building plans, kits and factory-built houses to the growing number of small-thinking second-home shoppers. Seldom measuring much more than 500 square feet, the buildings offer sharp contrasts to the rambling houses that are commonplace as second homes.

This reduction of scale makes sense for a lot of people. Second homes are often geared toward outdoor activities, so for several months of the year interior space is superfluous. Minimal square footage means reduced maintenance costs, less upkeep and reduced energy consumption. Prefabricated and pre-built models can require little or no site preparation, which means no anxious weekend drives to the country to make sure construction is moving along. Add to this an element of instant gratification (once the planning stage is over, most houses go up in days, even hours, and many are delivered, turn-key, to the site).

Small homes have always intrigued me...Don't tell the wife. It's a good thing she never reads this blog. Way back in the '70s I remember designing homes with  a footprint of 20' square and a sleeping loft above. Looks like the world of design is catching up with my designs. Go read the article.

Source: Think Small - New York Times

TGIF - 2766th of my life

I guess this morning will pass as the coldest of this year (so far). I know that for all of you folks from further north on this old ball we call Earth, 30 degrees isn't that cold, but for this neck of the woods it ranks as "purty chilli", as they would say in Terlingua. Funny thing, they decided this would be a good day to have a luncheon and a meeting in the warehouse at work for today. Folks, this is SE Texas and they don't "climatize" our warehouse. Normally when it gets cold they fire up those large bullet shaped kerosene heaters that roar like a jet taking off. Since this meeting will involve power point presentations and speachifying by the powers, that can't be allowed. Gonna love it...

Aw well, back to my coffee and emails...

Garrison has been on a Mary Mackey run at the Writer's Almanac and judging by the examples he has put up I will have to check out the book...
Poem: "My Methodist Grandmother Said" by Mary Mackey, from Breaking the Fever: Poems.

My Methodist Grandmother Said

My Methodist
grandmother said
was adultery
set to music

how right she was

in that sweet sway
breast to breast and
leg to leg
sin comes into its own
If that excerpt raises your...interest go check out the rest here. Scroll down to Friday then bounce back up to Thursday for "Chicken Killing" from the same collection. Thanks Garrison, for the introduction.

Photo Friday - This week's Challenge: 'Self-Portrait 2007'...What better time for a self-portrait than your birthday. Mine can be found here.

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