Just Vote!

I think anyone who has read my post would know my political leaning, but that's beside the point. Today's lesson in democracy is Go Vote. This really is one of those things where if you don't use it, you lose it.

What were the virtues of borage? - Herbal Folklore

I started reading KillerPlants a long tme ago, and still I find the daily emails informative. I discovered Borage quite a while ago also, and the flavoe of the flowers is still a delight ever time I taste one...
What were the virtues of borage? - Herbal Folklore: "Cool-tankard is now commonly known as borage (Borago officinalis Linnaeus). In A Modern Herbal (1931), Mrs. Grieve explains the use, 'When steeped in water, it imparts a coolness to it and a faint cucumber flavour, and compounded with lemon and sugar in wine,...it makes a refreshing and restorative summer drink. It was formerly always an ingredient in cool tankards of wine and cider.'"

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