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It is always nice to stumble across a reference to someone you haven't thought about in a while. I don't know how long ago it was that I started reading Dan Bricklin's Log, nobody called them Blogs at that time though. Dan was one of the originators of the electronic spreadsheet and when I stumbled upon him back in the '90's he had written one of the early web publishing packages. While it was easy to use and made web publishing quick and relatively painless it jut didn't quite work for me. I still checked in on his (b)log regularly to keep up with what he was doing. At that time in my life I followed the tech side with great passion...Somewhere along the way the tech side took a less important focus in what I followed and I lost track of all of the early (b)logers I originally followed.

Here's Dan's latest...

Friday, February 9, 2007


Creating America draft chapters [link]


Chris Daly has a new website and blog that many of you will find of interest.

Readers who have followed my writing for many years may remember the name Chris Daly. Chris is my next door neighbor. For many years he worked as a journalist, including being the Washington Post New England correspondent and the AP Massachusetts State House Bureau Chief. He is currently a professor of journalism at Boston University where he has been teaching for about 10 years.

Source: Dan Bricklin Log

Frustrated New Orleans residents fleeing city

 It seems the worst is not yet here.

New Orleans is a city on a knife's edge.

A year and a half after Hurricane Katrina, an alarming number of residents are leaving or seriously thinking of getting out for good.

They have become fed up with the violence, the bureaucracy, the political finger-pointing, the sluggish rebuilding and the doubts about the safety of the levees.

With the shipping and petrochemical industries, New Orleans will never go completely away. The question is, will it ever recapture it's place in the eyes of the rest of America. I feel it is going to take many years for New Orleans to recapture any of the stature it once had. The rebuilding is going to be slow, and, for every year that it drags out, some of the New Orleans natives are being absorbed by other regions and other communities. Many of these people will never return, even when the rebuilding begins to ramp up.

Source: Frustrated New Orleans residents fleeing city | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

Friday Morning Muse

Once more through the mill then two days of running madly in place before facing the mill race again. Lord, don't you love the working families weekends? At least the Road Trip on Tuesday broke the routine of the week. A side benefit is it left me with a few weeks of photo's to post to my two sites.

My morning forecast looks like a repeat of yesterday...The Blue Ridge's are still hovering around freezing and here...Well, let's just say I opened the back door when I sat down with my coffee and so far I see no reason to close it. The thermometer on the wall says we have an outdoor temp of 57. I wonder where that cold front they promised for yesterday ended up stalling out. The story of Texas Coastal weather is always a unfulfilled promise of cold fronts lost on the north side of Houston.

I just love the way the Google Calendar sends me an email everyday to let me know that I have no events planned for the day. Kinda' makes you feel a little, I don't know, inadequate isn't quite the word I am looking for...You would think it would make me feel more Zen like, more living in the moment, but for some reason that's not the feeling it leaves. And yes, I know I could turn of the notifications, but sometimes I actually use the feature to send myself a note into the future.

I scanned the headlines fro the Post, Washington that is, and really can't see anything I want to take the time to rant about. Maybe something will get my dander up during the day...

Andy Griffin has a new article out on The Ladybug Letter on the "joys" of farming. Check it out, you might want to subscribe...

The clock on the wall is telling me to get up and move...Catch ya down the road.

Photo Friday - SKY

Sun Through Clouds

This patch of sunlight on an otherwise overcast landscape caused me to slam on my brakes and pull to the shoulder on my way home from my "Photo Road Trip". I pass this field several times a week driving home from work - It's on my de-stress route...Longer but saner.
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