Only in Texas

So maybe they sleep in comfortable recreational vehicles these days instead of bunking under the stars and use propane tanks to cook their vittles.

That doesn't mean the 300 or so members of the Sam Houston Trail Ride moseying along toward Houston aren't real spur-jingling cowboys and cowgirls.

More than 6,000 riders, representing the Sam Houston outfit and a dozen other groups, are expected to begin pushing into the city limits today for the final leg of this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo trail ride.

By the time they cross into the grounds at Memorial Park on Friday, the trail riders will have covered a combined total of almost 1,800 miles.
Source: Trail riders back in the saddle and the city limits again - Houston Chronicle

Go Texan Day in Houston always brings a bunch of Trail Riders by the office on their way to Memorial Park and the Rodeo Parade downtown tomorrow. This group appears to be the Southwest Trail Ride established in 1993. They are in the last 10 miles of a 120-mile ride from Rosenberg, Texas.

This group of riders has been coming by our offices each year. Their passing is the highlight of everyones "Go Texan Day".

These are some of the first few wagons that passed. It was a pretty large group this year.
I've posted some more shots on my Flickr site...Trail Riders.

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Photo Friday: Textured

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TGIF - 2767

And another week has passed. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies as you get older. As Einstein might say, "It's all relative my friend". Yesterday was 1/19375 of my life, no wonder the days seem shorter. Oh well, the coffees hot, the morning email calls and...Time Passes.

Sorry for the short post this morning. I ended up going off on a bit of an anti-(Bush, War, Rightwing) Screed over at Blues From the Red Side of Life Blog. Feel free to jump over or not...

Today is "Go Texan" day in Houston. The kick off to the Houston Rodeo season. Everyone is supposed to dress up like "cowboys" which means the John Trivolta "Urban Cowboy" look. What we all called the goat roper look back in the suburban side of Houston I grew up on. Of course everyone I hung out with were surfers translating into hippies as the culture changed. So I'll send a big "Howdy" out to all ya'll and say..."Ya'll come back now, ya'ear"

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