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I read this phrase way down at the end of an interesting post...
the Contrary Goddess: This is me, this is who I am: "If it were not illegal, I could milk three cows and support my farm and family. The state prohibits me from the right livelihood my grandmothers knew."

Which set me to thinking about how many of these "health" regulations are actually protecting the publics health or how many are just protecting the health of business's bottom line?

Whatever happened to government of and for the people. Did it all change when the lawyers managed to get corporations fictionalized into people with bigger checkbooks?

Thursday Morning Coffee

As I read the morning news I see that fall has returned to the Blue Ridge. I was starting to worry. The daily temperatures were beginning to look to much like here. I am sure there are many folks in the mountains that were not complaining about the warmer than normal temps, but warm weather is not part of my dream.

The mornings Washington Post has an article that was interesting, In Pursuit of the Elusive Pawpaw. You know, like Barbara Damrosch, I have never had a Pawpaw. As a matter of fact I actually ate my first persimmon just last week.
The old children's song makes it sound easy. "Where, oh where, is sweet little Susie? Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch. . . . Pickin' up pawpaws, puttin' 'em in her pocket. "

But where, oh where, are the pawpaws now? So scarce is this delectable fruit that most of us have never tasted one, let alone found a patch where they litter the ground, even though they're native to most of the eastern United States.

If you are interested go read the article, she has links to resources at the end.

The clock says it's time to hit the road...Ya'll have a great day...later.

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