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A wave of interest in such small dwellings — some to serve, like the Shepherds’ home, as temporary housing, others to become space-saving dwellings of a more permanent nature — has prompted designers and manufacturers to offer building plans, kits and factory-built houses to the growing number of small-thinking second-home shoppers. Seldom measuring much more than 500 square feet, the buildings offer sharp contrasts to the rambling houses that are commonplace as second homes.

This reduction of scale makes sense for a lot of people. Second homes are often geared toward outdoor activities, so for several months of the year interior space is superfluous. Minimal square footage means reduced maintenance costs, less upkeep and reduced energy consumption. Prefabricated and pre-built models can require little or no site preparation, which means no anxious weekend drives to the country to make sure construction is moving along. Add to this an element of instant gratification (once the planning stage is over, most houses go up in days, even hours, and many are delivered, turn-key, to the site).

Small homes have always intrigued me...Don't tell the wife. It's a good thing she never reads this blog. Way back in the '70s I remember designing homes with  a footprint of 20' square and a sleeping loft above. Looks like the world of design is catching up with my designs. Go read the article.

Source: Think Small - New York Times


Rhea said...

I've been reading about the Small House movement for a while. It IS exciting!

gary said...

I know what you mean. After reading the article and posting I have been remembering the time I put in to designing a small (though not that small) house. I have been thinking of all of the thought I put into the layout of kitchen and bath areas.

I know in the 70's I was big on The Mother Earth News magazine and spent a lot of time studying Ken Kerns' articles. Mow I read Sarah Susanka's Not So Big Home series and plan for my next Home with a capital H.

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