Wednesday Morning Coffee Muse

I guess I should enjoy these few short days of spring before summer really kicks in. Maybe I should define my terms for those of you who may stumble upon these pages and wonder what this fool is talking about so early in the year. To me spring is any day that starts with a temperature under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the night time temperatures stop cooling down below 70 you know the days are going to start being pretty bad here along the Gulf Coast. Since the weekend when we were enjoying (at least some of us) average temperatures 30 degrees below normal for this time of year, we have climbed back into the plus side again. Two mornings running now it has been 67 as I sit down here with my morning coffee. Now don't get me wrong, 67 degrees would be great if it didn't come with a 90+% humidity to make it interesting.

Fred has a post entitled "Honeybee AIDS?" over at Fragments From Floyd. Worrisome subject with far reaching consequences for all of us if it turns out true.

From the ride to work...

The morning drive started overcast but as I got within a few block of work the sun started burning thru. When I passed this field of wildflowers and saw the two horses grazing the sun was still hidden. I could feel it trying to break thru though so I turned around and went back to see what opportunities were presented...This was one result.

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