Can you describe the Floyd lifestyle?

One of the places that was on the list for a visit on this year's Blue Ridge Mountain trip was (and is) Floyd, Virginia. I have made the acquaintance (virtually) of a few residents of Floyd County over the past couple of years and I feel the need to feel that little piece of the Blue Ridge Country under my moccasins. I have been intrigued ever since I first started reading Fred First's blog, which led to Colleen's, then I found Doug's, then it was David's. Between the four I almost feel like I live in the neighborhood.

Doug posted an essay that I really found quite interesting, I thought I would point a link at it during this, my virtual vacation trip...
Floyd is the young husband getting up at 4 a.m. to feed the animals before he has to drive an hour and a half to his job at the Volvo truck plant two counties away.

Floyd is the farmer up at the same hour, preparing for a long day cutting hay, mending fences, slopping hogs and worrying about the weather and the price of beef on the hoof at

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Source: The Floyd lifestyle | Blue Ridge Muse

There seem to be a few things that Floyd County Virginia is famous for:
  1. Mabry Mill - The most photographed spot on what must be the most photographed road in America. Here's my version from a rainy day in June of 2004...
  2. Fred's Barn...the most photographed barn in the Blue Ridge Mountains (mostly by Fred).

  3. The Floyd Country Store

    The Floyd Country Store is more than a store. For generations it has been a place where people gather,conduct business, and enjoy each other's company.

    About 25 years ago the store became known for its Friday Night Jamboree, an evening of traditional Appalachian music and dancing. Old-timers and new visitors come together to celebrate the local heritage and experience the joy of an old-fashioned family night out.

  4. Cafe del Sol - Hangout of the Floyd Bloggers. That's Bloggers with a "B" not Cloggers with a "C". Though I am sure a lot of Clogging goes on on the weekends...

  5. FloydFest 2007
    We are all travelers across the way; sometimes along the journey we come to a place so profound we must look more closely. Such a place is Floyd, home to magic and The Floyd World Music Festival. A crossroad for those searching and finding... perhaps themselves! Come across the way and if you listen you will hear.

Do you have a "Famous Floyd" fact or location I should add to my itinerary? Leave it in the comments...

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