Gardening by Podcast

Back in January I posted on a newspaper article out of Memphis about Felder Rushing and his concept of Slow Gardening. After that I stumbled across a link to a Podcast of a weekly gardening show on Mississippi Public Radio called the "Gestalt Gardener" with Felder and Dr. Dirt. If you enjoy gardening go take a listen to a couple of very entertaining and informative "characters". I have become a big fan and can hardly wait for the Monday download of the Friday show.

Their info is aimed at the Mississippi Gulf Coast but it's so entertaining...Who cares if you can't raise the plant they are talking about.

Signs of Spring...

But winter's still hanging on.

As the sun comes up this morning the field behind the house sparkles with one of the few frosts of this winter season. And this comes after what appeared to be a beautiful spring weekend. Even with the morning dew freezing on the grass though, the forecast for the week is for more of the beautiful weather.

I spent some time wandering around the yard documenting some of the signs of spring that were showing yesterday. I also spent some time just sitting on the still dormant grass, soaking up the sun and watching the birds play.

It's already apple blossom time here...

But then it seems it almost always is. The poor apple trees can't seem to figure out when it's time to be apple trees around here.

Azaleas are blooming...

But only under the cover of the trees around the house.

Unopened blossoms.

Out under the trees.

Covered with these buds. Give it a week.

The Redbud in the front yard.

Later than some because it isn't in full sun.

Closeup of Redbud bud.

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