Tuesday Coffee Muses

Weather Report It's much quieter this morning even though the weather prognosticators keep warning us that the chance of thunderstorms continues. The temperatures are decidedly springlike. I see from the morning email that the BR mountains are starting of cold but warming up nicely. Welcome to the start of spring everyone.

Zilker Garden Festival I exchanged emails with Felder Rushing yesterday. He will be in Austin, Tx on the March 31 and April 1. Looks like Dr. Dirt will be taking the road trip with him. His Sunday talk will be his "Slow Gardening" bit I read an posted about a while back. If I can I think I'll take the wife and run over for the show. Killing two birds, it should be a good weekend for wildflowers on the hills toward Austin.

Looks like my email ran long this morn...I gotta go, I'll try to post more later...

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