Where has the month gone?

Here we are rapidly closing in on the end of April. Seems like it was just March the other day. The weather system that blew through here yesterday morning dropped the temperature if not the humidity. This morning is dawning a cool 57 degrees with a low fog out the (open) back door. I pulled a Fred first thing this morning (did I trigger your Google alert Fred?) wandering out in the dew covered backyard to see what kind of images I could capture early before the sun came up. It's always nice when we have a Blue Ridge morning in Texas.

Here is the best of the handful of images I pulled in...my backyard just before sunrise this morning.

The first cup is poured and I see I have mail, so...

Horoscope for the week
I really like Ron's take on Astrology and find this weeks horoscope ties in with where my head is (how 70's is that)...
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): According to the macrobiotic approach to diet, the healthiest food for you to eat is that which has been grown near you, or at least in the same latitude. Unless you live in the tropics, for instance, bananas shouldn't be on your menu. Let's make that meme your Metaphor of the Week, Aquarius. According to my interpretation of the omens, all your best bets will be local and homegrown. You should pluck pleasures that are close by, and avoid temptations beckoning from a distance. You should trust clues that arrive from sources you can personally verify, and be skeptical of those from friends of friends of friends.
I really liked "the healthiest food for you to eat is that which has been grown near you". Seems like I keep saying pretty much the same thing...
Source: Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter

The news from Washington is all the same, so I won't bother to go there. Just imagine where we would be today had we not tried this experiment in Judicially appointed Presidents. I am sure that just scares the hell out of the right, "Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue". Come to think of it, that's just what it's been, six years of waking nightmares.

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