Tuesday Coffee Muses - Week 2771

The Mornings Weather

I see from the morning forecast that Spring has returned to the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a matter of fact, judging by the temperatures being reported this morning, many of you folks living in that beautiful part of the world might walk out this morning and think you slept through the season. Just don't think you'll get to enjoy the sun with the milder temps...Mother Nature seem to think the blooming flowers need a little watering. According to Ray though, all you folks need to enjoy the warmth today tomorrow will be cooler.

Here, we are already in the upper 60's. According to the weather prognosticator I listened to yesterday on our local Public Radio Station, that is 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. I forget how many time in the last few years I have heard that term used. If the weather keeps doing what it is now, we may need to lose that phrase from our weather conversations.

Email Muses

Reading about the President's remarks on the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War I was struck by the thought that we have now been in Iraq for full Presidential term. The reason this struck me is that had Bush started this war a little earlier in his first term, and given what we now know, he could have with the very same justification they have now settled on, he probably wouldn't still be in office. "Courage and resolve" will see us through. Mr. President, it is with courage and resolve that the American people wake up every morning to find out what new excesses you have committed in the name of "terror". Sadly, your war "on" terror has morphed into a war "of" terror for many around the world. "Courage and resolve", who are you Mr. President to counsel such practices.

From the Blue Mountain Meditation Center...
March 20

He that can have patience, can have what he will.
– Benjamin Franklin

Here is a tip for keeping the palate on the middle path. When it is craving candy or a hot fudge sundae, go for a walk repeating the mantram you have chosen, and bargain for time. Tell your mind, “In two hours, on our way home we can go to an ice cream parlor for a deluxe sundae.” Interestingly enough, two hours later the mind has forgotten ice cream sundaes and is thinking about the movie it will enjoy tomorrow evening. All you need do is put just a little break of time between the palate and its desire, for you can count on the mind to change its desires.

Treat the mind gently, patiently, and compassionately. Since it has been allowed free license for so many years, it is not fair to expect it to come round in a day or two.

- Eknath Easwaran

I have not discovered my mantram yet. But I go through live with an open heart waiting to discover it's path.

Source: Thought for the Day

Well, as usual the morning has run and I need to also. I'll leave you with a couple of lines from the Middlewesterner from yesterday...

A Quote For Today

"There is something to settling down into a place. You become the place as much as the place becomes a part of you." - Tom Montag


colleen said...

I did TM for many years during the 70s and was given a secret mantra, which I later found out meant "this" in Sanscript. Since I've been doing passage meditation (5 or 5 years now) I've been using OM MANI PADME HUM. It means "jewel in the lotus of the heart, (I can dig that) and it's not a secret. I've been lax about going to the Floyd satsang, but I'm still meditating.

Thanks for your encouraging words the other day, Gary.

gary said...

Thanks Colleen, I guess if any mantram works for me that is the one I tend to use when I do try. I think I first picked it up in a SciFi novel by Heinlein back around the time you were doing TM. Thanks for stopping in.

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