Fables should lead our way...

 I started on Friday with Fragmented Fred and "Tale of a Farmer from Erehwon", today Leon joined the game with his Poison Lion. Both tales have meanings that could teach us all a thing or two.

Fred's starts this way...

When we expose our greatest hopes and precious things to strangers, we may be thought a fool. But the ordinary treasures we share may touch lives in ways we cannot imagine. This is the tale of one hopeful fool.
He prepared them lovingly, his precious mementos and carefully pressed flowers. He arranged them prominently on simple benches near the road. Just beyond, by the barn, a rough oak plank set across two tree stumps formed a crude table to display all manner of clippings and cards that flapped in the breeze-some brittle and yellow with age, others crisp and white from yesterday's journal.

Source: Foolish Farmer of Erehwon

Leon starts his tale like this...

The Poison Lion
Once upon a time, two pretty nice little children lived at the edge of a great dark forest. They often roamed in the forest in search of adventure.

One day while walking along a woody path they met a large shaggy lion with a sad face, and they were afraid, and they ran away.

But the lion called to them and said, "Come back. I won't hurt you. I need friends."

So they went back and sat with the lion and saw his sad face. And they asked, "Why is your face so sad?"

Source: Leon Hale: Putting the kids' favorite tale on paper

Now I am sure this is nothing but the synchronicity of my life that two people I read regularly decide this is the week to delve into the world of fables...Go have a return trip to childhood and read a quick tale of dreams and heroes.

And then, go forth and enjoy the day.

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