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I think it's time to give him the diploma...

"I began to think, well, if failure is not an option and we've got to succeed, how best to do so? And that's how I came up with the plan I did," Bush said.

Bush has earned his PhD in Government. I have never seen the BS piled higher or deeper than it in in this White House. My the lord have mercy on their souls...

In the "60 Minutes" interview, Bush said that although Iraq has descended into instability since the U.S. invasion in March 2003, the removal of Saddam Hussein nonetheless was worthwhile. Hussein's remaining in power, he asserted, would have only led to a potential nuclear arms race between Iran and Iraq, which would have created even greater instability.

Exactly how many ways can he try to spin the reason for the American invasion of a sovereign country? He "decided" to take us to war and now he can't "decide" how to win the war so he has "decided" to postpone the decision until the next Presidents term in office. And after getting the "Bi-partisan" Iraq Study Groups plan for how to end this thing, I think it's time for the President and Mr. Cheney to stop saying that no one has offered up a viable alternative. Just because it doesn't meet the President's idea of "victory in Iraq", whatever that may be, doesn't mean it not a viable means to end a fiasco he created.

Source: Bush: 'We're Going Forward' - washingtonpost.com

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