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It was good to see that Marie' family managed to make it home through the ice and snow of yesterday's weather in Boone. I hope her fears of frozen water didn't pan out...

The take away quote from E.J. Dionne's column today says a lot with a few words

An administration that fought a misguided, poorly planned and ill-considered war in the name of democracy should not be allowed to discredit the democratic idea itself.

Source: E. J. Dionne Jr. - An Ideal In Need Of Rescue -

And like Eugene Robinson, I have to wonder if the President actually read the Iraq Study Groups report or is he relying on the "CliffNotes" version?

There's only one reader who really counts, though, and I doubt he'll be impressed. The Decider isn't in the habit of letting mere facts get in the way of blind conviction.

Source: Eugene Robinson - Bush Listened, but Did He Hear? -

I'll try to post more later but I have a wedding to go to. Oldest son and significant other are going before the judge this morn...picture to follow I'm sure.

Late Update: Taking the Vows...

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